Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Revelation.

Yes.  I had a revelation the other day.  I am assuming that many of you mothers out there will totally get what I'm saying too.  (Or those of you who are super good at this can give me advice...)  I can get somewhat...actually VERY...lazy in family event planning.  Event planning is something that I *love* but I think that I may just be so busy planning things for the people outside of my family, that by the time I think about doing things with Tobe and the kids, I hope they'll simply "just happen."  

My revelation was this:  FUN and may I add, inexpensive, events don't "just happen."  We have to plan them.  Duh.  I know.  Sure, we'll take the occasional walk to the park or bike ride around town but I am looking for something a little less "normal" for us to do together.  Maybe being away for a week has renewed my desire to spend more quality time with Tobe and the kids.  

Anyways, here is something I planned for us last night...baking cookies together.  DUH! I KNOW!  lol  It's so easy peasy (albeit a lot of messy), but it was a blast!  Yes, it took longer.  Yes, Jacob dropped an egg on my carpeted (eek!) kitchen floor.  Yes, the kids ingested more icing than they put on the cookies.  Yes, we dropped tons of sprinkles on the floor that Tobe just cleaned that morning.  Yes, we had to give them a bath afterward.  But, YES, spending that time with them, allowing them to do something mommy just normally likes to rush through on her own, was splendid.  

Anyways...the photos...

Very carefully mixing the flour in.  (He said, "That doesn't look like a flower!")  =)

I totally remember watching cookies bake in my mom's oven, don't you?


Feeling very proud of himself right about now.  

Lots of love was baked into these cookies.  And shhh...I really think this may have been my first attempt ever at "made from scratch" sugar cookies.  

Now, go and plan something out of the ordinary for your family to do together!  :)

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